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Post Covid-19 : Handholding Weavers Towards Recovery

Udayan, or Udayan Chettan, as we all fondly call him at Southloom.com is one of the several hundreds of Handloom Weavers across the state of Kerala who has been affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic and the National Lockdown that followed. Since the weaving businesses came to a standstill during the lockdown period, handloom weavers experienced an unavailability of work and therefore had to sustain on subsistence wages. Southloom.com directly purchases from several weavers, like Udayan Chettan, across weaving villages like Balaramapuram, Kuthampully and more. We showcase their creations on our website, enabling them to reach a larger audience.

If you are planning to buy a saree, a dhoti or any traditional wear, we request you to shop from us. By purchasing a product from Southloom you are motivating a weaver to keep creating masterpieces, support their livelihood, keep small businesses like Southloom.com running and also help keep an exquisite Indian tradition alive. ❤️

 Lady Weaver

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