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Southloom Solid Brass Handmade Buddha Handicraft

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Southloom’s Brass and Bell Metal Handicrafts are specially made in units run by artisans across the state of Kerala. We have closely worked with these artisans to bring to you only the finest they have to offer, both in quality and finish. Polished to perfection each Southloom Metal Handicraft Antique certain to inspire awe.

South Indian metal workers of the 14th to 17th centuries predominantly belonged to a distinctive fivefold hereditary community called Vishwakarma and as said earlier that about 200 years ago. Vishwakarmas are believed to be the ancestors of the Lord Vishwakarma. Lord Vishwakarma is considered as the divine engineer and architect in Hindu mythology.

Metal: High Quality Brass
Weight: 250 gm
Size: Compared with iPhone 5 (Length: 4.9 in / Breadth: 2.3 in)

For more queries regarding Southloom Metal Handicrafts please call or WhatsApp us on 8138077377.