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Southloom Premium Handloom Chutti Kara Kasavu Double Mundu (South Indian Dhoti) with Black Chutti

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This natural cotton mundu (dhoti) was handcrafted by Southloom's own weavers. The artist carefully designs and weaves in the fine Kasavu border and with colour accents to give it an elegant look. It takes several days to craft a fine masterpiece like this, starting from the seasoning of the cotton threads used, to loading the same on the loom by hand and weaving one.

Each Southloom handloom is unique and that is what makes it special. It carries the signature of the weaver who created it.

There are thousands of families across Kerala whose lives are dependent on income they earth through hand weaving. They work and toil hard to create traditional clothing that we cherish. By buying from Southloom you are not only contributing to the livelihood and empowerment of hundreds of handloom weavers across Kerala, but also saving a culture that we have alienated ourselves from.

Mundu (മുണ്ട്) was the common everyday attire among the men of Kerala before western clothing made its advent. But despite that the garment has continued to remain popular and is still worn regularly. Outside Kerala the clothing is also known as South Indian Dhoti.

Weaving Method: Handloom
Fabric: Pure Cotton
Length: 4 meters (Double)

Colour: Off White
Weaver: Rajeevan (Kuthampully)