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Southloom Handmade Wall Mounting Cloth Hanger Elephant Head Handicraft (Carved from Mahogany Wood) 3 Heads

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Each Southloom Handmade Handicraft product is unique. Everything from the natural lines on the wood to each carve or chisel the craftsman or craftswoman makes on that piece of wood is unique. There is no other like the one you just purchased. Southloom Handmade woodwork products are carefully craved out by our talented artisans who for generations have been involved in the manufacture of the famed Kerala Handicraft products. Southloom has taken the effort to partner with them and bring to you the best they have to offer. As a gift, souvenir and home or office decor - Southloom Original Handmade Woodwork products are irreplaceable.

Design Type: Handmade Wall Mounting Cloth Hanger Elephant Head
Type of Product: Wall Hanging Sculpture
Wood: Mahogany
Carving Method: Chiseled, Carved and Handcrafted by Southloom Craftsmen  / Craftswomen 

  • Height: 6 inches | 15 cm
  • Length: 21 inches | 53 cm
  • Breadth: 3 inches | 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 500 gm

To see how Kerala Woodwork Handicrafts including Southloom products are carved please do watch the video by Kerala Tourism Department.