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Southloom Handloom Full Kasavu (Warp and Weft) Premium Set Mundu Plain Set Mundu (2.80 Mtrs)

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Mundum Neriyathum (or Set Mund) is the traditional clothing of women in Kerala, South India. It is the oldest remnant of the ancient form of the saree which covered only the lower part of the body. In the mundum neriyathum, the most basic traditional piece is the mundu or lower garment which is the ancient form of the saree denoted in Malayalam as 'Thuni' (meaning cloth), while the neriyathu forms the upper garment the mundu. The mundum neryathum consists of two pieces of cloth, and could be worn in either the traditional style with the neriyathu tucked inside the blouse, or in the modern style with the neriyathu worn over the left shoulder.

This Southloom Handloom Mundum Neriyathum was handcrafted to perfection using the finest quality cotton and the best half fine Kasavu. 

This is an authentic Southloom branded Handloom Set Mund woven by one of our master weavers. The village has been renowned throughout centuries for the fine pieces of traditional attire that it churns out.

Every piece of Southloom clothing has the signature of the artisan woven into it. It takes days of expertise to create this perfect handloom. 

This Set Mundu is special. The usual varieties that exist in Kerala Handloom is either cotton where both Weft and Warp are cotton threads. In Tissue The Weft is Kasavu thread while the Warp is Cotton. In this particular Set Mundu both the Weft and Warp are Kasavu Threads giving it the grand and rich look.

Through every purchase of this Southloom Handloom saree you are supporting the livelihood and empowerment of several Handloom weavers from villages across Kerala!

Fabric :  Full Kasavu
Weaving Method : Handloom
Pallu  : 4 inch 
Border : 4 inch
Neriyathu Length : 2.80 Mtrs
Mundu Length : 2 Mtrs (Single)
Includes top piece and bottom piece